We are Christian, Confederate, and Centrists. 

1.) We believe in a Constitution and the check / balance system of government setup in the U.S. with the exception ultimate authority should rest collectively with the states.
(If we do have to secede we will borrow heavily from the U.S. Constitution with a few tweaks.)

2.) We support the right to vote of all legal citizens for their lifetime from the age of 16 until death. (Neither incarceration nor debt shall be grounds to deny anyone the right to vote.)

3.) We support the right to bear arms.

4.) We support free college education.

5.) We support free healthcare.

6.) We support a flat 10% income tax on all citizens on all forms of income with the exclusion of income from an inheritance.

7.) We support a flat 5% national sales tax on all goods and services sold globally and/or locally. 

8.) We support the idea of no taxes on business income but instead a 15% property flat tax on all corporate holdings (stock held by the business in other businesses) and the physical material and intellectual properties yearly appraised value held globally and/or locally by a corporation. 

9.) We support the death penalty. 

10.) We support citizens' right to privacy including electronic communications, gps coordinates, and metadata from an online presence. (We support the repeal of the PATRIOT Act.)

11.) We support parental rights. (Not to be misinterpreted as condoning extreme physical child abuse or neglect.)

12.) The constitutional rights of the criminally accused, including due process, a speedy trial, legal counsel, trial by jury, and the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty, must be preserved. A person being held in jail until trial shall be guaranteed their job position by an employer and paid back wages plus an additional 10% if found innocent by a judge or jury by the indicting government organization.  

13.) We support a new constitutional amendment guaranteeing no restrictions or civil laws that cause a hindrance to free and public travel by anyone not being incarcerated, on probation, or parole. This right shall also establish that documentation shall not be required to freely travel or use any form of public transportation within the country nor shall any law restrict where a person may live or travel unless owned by another. Identification shall not be required to move about in public spaces nor should a person be detained just to check identification without probable cause and/or evidence of breaking a legitimate recorded law.

14.) We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend against aggression. The country should both avoid entangling alliances and abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world. We oppose any form of compulsory national service.

15.) We support social security benefits for elderly and the disabled as supplemental income to reach 250% of the state poverty amount with percentage adjustments made for overall net worth including estates being left as inheritance. 

16.) We support individual energy independence. 

17.) We support the sanctity of life from conception.

18.) We support gainful employment by outlawing background checks for any job unless the position deals 90% of the time directly with the education and/or care of kids, money, or elderly care employment positions. In addition, the background check should only flag offenses pertinent to the position being applied for or assumed. 

20.) We support the separation of a person's private and professional life. This means a social media post outside of employment hours, not made using employer equipment, or on employer property shall never be grounds for dismissal or administrative action.

21.) We support digital commerce such as debit and credit cards as long as a "chip", barcode, or yet to be developed method is not implanted or permanently affixed to a person and transactions can be done in anonymous fashion from person to person as currently done with physical cash.

22.) We support the separation of church and state, in keeping the state from interfering with a person's individual Christian belief but whole-heartily believe a person's faith and/or church should have influence on the state.